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Becoming an entrepreneurial leader for the first-time is one of the biggest transitions in your life and it is likely the most challenging one.

According to the Chartered Management Institute, 44% of the entrepreneurial organisations founded in the United Kingdom in 2011 did not survive by 2014.

And leadership incompetence was the primary cause of 56% of the cases. So what are the entrepreneurial leaders who succeed doing differently?

The answer is clear.

The key to success is to have a proven system of best practises.

Through my leadership experiences and based on my state of the art research on Entrepreneurial Leadership, I realised that there is an interconnected system of leadership behaviours and management practises that entrepreneurs must know when they step into their first leadership role.

If you are not getting the necessary guidance and training, then your organisation is basically running towards failure and the chances of success are stacked against you.

This is where I can help.

My certificate programme in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Learn Business® helps you grow and lead your startup through an interconnected system of best practices, methods, strategies, and tools.

What makes me different?

My passion for this work comes from my own past corporate and entrepreneurial leadership experiences. Unlike many other coaches, consultants, or instructors, I have lived through the tough challenges of leadership and management. In addition, I created a novel academic contribution by conceptualising Entrepreneurial Leadership.

This means that I possess a unique combination of practical experiences and theoretical understanding.

I am now devoted to transform rising entrepreneurs into effective first-time business leaders with a proven system that makes other leadership and management programmes aimed at entrepreneurs redundant.

I primarily work with people through my online programme, the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

In addition to the online programme, I also offer a one-on-one consultation option.

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