Resume of my study experience: 3 traits you need to succeed in your study program

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I define success, among others, in terms of achieved personal growth. I interned in project management at Mercedes-Benz and Siemens Healthineers and founded the student companies ThinkTwice and Awaken&More. Furthermore, I am hexa-lingual and hold a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Business and Management. I studied at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Berlin School of Economics and Law, the University of Oxford, and at the Stockholm University. Whereas I do not believe that there is only one clear path to succeed in life, I do believe that once having found the path there are 3 traits needed to master a study program. I sincerely hope that when reading this blog post you will feel intrigued to develop these three traits in your daily life.

1. Inquisitiveness

First, the trait of inquisitiveness plays an important role. Being inquisitive means to have an interest to learn new things (Definition of inquisitive, n.d.). Selecting a study which interests you is of paramount importance. Why would you study something that you do not like? Because your father, mother, friend, et cetera told you? That is not the path to success and inherently you know that very well. Select a study that interests you and lifts up your passion. Writing blog posts also require inquisitiveness as one has to research different topics, but it would not be fun if I would write about something that does not interest me; that is why I believe that the prerequisite of inquisitiveness is finding your main interest or passion. Only then you will have a genuine interest to learn new things about it.

Through inquisitiveness you will also want to study other things that are related to your field. Sometimes you have to go through study modules which you will like less than others but you will see the intertwined relationship when being inquisitive and hopefully find joy in that. Being curious led me from studying management to studying psychology to studying leadership to studying consulting; however, one always has to keep in mind to apply the newly acquired skills to truly attain proficiency.

2. Perseverance

Second, the trait of perseverance is crucial as well. Having started to study in September 2012, I had to show constant perseverance and work hard during my four-year long study program. I strongly focused on studying not because I had to but because I wanted to pursue my passion. I enjoyed it and that was the reason why I reached very high marks and participated in many ancillary activities where I met many interesting people and lots of new friends.

Showing perseverance also requires a lot of focus to keep studying and working on the many different assignments. My suggestion is to balance work with entertainment. Moreover, as I believe in the Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks (Hicks & Hicks, 2007), I also visualized my life-goals on three large sheets of paper. Repeatedly thinking about how I would feel about accomplishing them helped me to stay focused on my goals and to act towards them. Meanwhile, my perseverance starts to pay off as I already reached a few of my life-goals. Nevertheless, without perseverance goals are likely to remain unreached.

3. Interpersonal skills

Lastly, interpersonal skills are very important as well as one has to work with many people throughout the study program. Interpersonal skills are the skills used by a person to relate to relationships or communication between people (Definition of interpersonal, n.d.). For instance, interpersonal skills are necessary when working on projects with your fellow students, discussing sensible topics, or building your social circle and network throughout your study. I believe to be a great networker; I am always and genuinely interested in other people and in their story. For instance, having heard the stories of the people I met, it was clear for me who to ask to join me in founding Awaken&More.

Find a balance between being self-focused and people-oriented. You do not want to be selfish, but neither selfless. You can not complete your study when being a non-collaborative loner but neither can you complete it when you always try to help other people and forget about your own progress. Be self-full. This section misses a full list of interpersonal skills but use the internet and your inquisitiveness to learn more about them.

Having personally incorporated these three traits into my daily life proved to be a great experience which led to the following self-realization: that everyone is able to exceed when being devoted to personal development.


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