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My Learnings After Nine Failures

I failed.

And I probably failed more often than you.

I successfully led organisations with a total of 39 team members.

But I founded Rexxads Consulting in 2012, 48! in 2014, NeoShip in 2015, Thomas Strick in 2015, adster in 2016, Moltocasa in 2017, FitPass in 2017, Spectra in 2017, and Referia in 2018.

They all failed.

And these are just the ones that made it through the conception and ideation phase.

Believe me, I spent a lot of money and time.

And I always started with one to three ambitious co-founders, which should have made it much easier.

Especially during the latest foundations, when everyone had business degrees and several years of relevant work experience.

Even the business models already existed in a similar way on the market.

The starting requirements were favourable.

But after a few weeks or months, the projects stopped moving forward.


Most of the important skills for execution were present.

But I founded these organisations without passion and just to make money.

And when I encountered the next big challenge, I quickly gave up and let my team down.

I failed to lead my teams and move the organisations forward.

And so I realised that passion is highly important.

Not only skills.

Remind yourself why you embarked on your entrepreneurial journey.

If you just want to make money, chances are high that you will fail sooner or later.

But if you have a running business and an inherent motivation that instills passion in you, then chances of failure are much lower.

Because you will bitterly fight to overcome any challenge.

However, it will not be enough.

You still need to improve your entrepreneurial leadership skills because passion alone will not help you with leading your co-founders and team members.

I help you to grow your organisation to the next level through my Entrepreneurial Leadership Accelerator.

It includes modules in entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial human resources management, entrepreneurial leadership, and contains tools and resources to help you become highly effective.

The content is derived from my corporate and entrepreneurial leadership experiences and from the experiences of over two dozen founders with a total leadership responsibility of over 300 team members.

Some of them are Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs.

The programme is designed for founders who want to start leading a team for the first-time.

And for founders who have a team and want to reach the next level.

It is like a shortened MBA, just more practical and specifically designed for entrepreneurial leaders.

To help you to set goals and constantly reach them.

Being an effective entrepreneurial leader with an inherent motivation will contribute to your organisational success much more than anything else.

Want one-on-one advice to improve your entrepreneurial leaderships skills?

Write a message and I am happy to check if there is a fit to work together.

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