Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Grow your startup through advanced marketing
  • Build and lead your team
  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Build a profitable business
  • Succeed in business and life

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership is designed to help aspiring and new entrepreneurial leaders to unleash the potential in themselves, their co-founders, and teams members.

It is a unique and intense online course and only for individuals who are devoted and want to become the best in their field.

You will learn advanced entrepreneurial marketing strategies to grow your startup and gain valuable insights on how to build and lead your team.

Follow practical step-by-step instructions to establish a fully functional business and reach your goals faster than you would be able to on your own.

An Overview of the Online Course

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership consists of six sequential modules that build upon each other and form a complete system that help you to become a fully functional entrepreneurial leader.

You will study modules in entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial human resources management, entrepreneurial leadership, and learn tools and resources that help you to become highly effective.

To complement the online programme, you will receive access to an exclusive and supportive Facebook Group with like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to succeed in business and life.

See Who Benefits

Aspiring Entrepreneurial Leaders

Learn the mindset and skills to become a highly effective entrepreneurial leader and reach the next level in your personal and professional development.

New and Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Leaders

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership helps you build the right mindset and knowledge to overcome the major challenges that entrepreneurs face when growing and leading a startup.

Established Entrepreneurial Leaders

Clarify whether what you do is effective and connect with like-minded entrepreneurial leaders to expand your support network.

Here Is What We Will Cover in Each of the Six Modules

  • Video Lecture 1 Objectives of the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Video Lecture 2 Setting the Expectations
  • Video Lecture 3 The Evolutionary Process of Leadership
  • Video Lecture 4 Understanding Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Video Lecture 1 Understanding Yourself and Your Motivation
  • Video Lecture 2 Introduction to the New World Paradigm
  • Video Lecture 3 Getting Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs Forever
  • Video Lecture 4 Becoming Unstoppable
  • Video Lecture 1 Becoming an Expert in Your Field
  • Video Lecture 2 The GIVE Model: Reinventing Marketing
  • Video Lecture 3 Creating Advertisements That Sell
  • Video Lecture 4 Building Your Digital Sales Infrastructure
  • Video Lecture 5 The 3 Most Effective Organic Marketing Methods
  • Video Lecture 6 The 2 Most Effective Paid Marketing Methods
  • Video Lecture 7 Mastering the High-Ticket Sales Process
  • Video Lecture 1 Understanding Employment Law
  • Video Lecture 2 A Guide on Setting Fair Salaries
  • Video Lecture 3 The 6 Steps of the Hiring and Selection Process
  • Video Lecture 4 Mastering the Most Vital Interview Skills
  • Video Lecture 5 Perfecting the Onboarding Process
  • Video Lecture 6 Increasing Your Cultural Awareness
  • Video Lecture 7 Managing Unconscious Bias
  • Video Lecture 8 Conducting Performance Appraisals
  • Video Lecture 9 The 4 Steps for Dealing With Difficult Conversations
  • Video Lecture 1 The 16 Paradoxical Behaviours of Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Video Lecture 2 Leading Effective Team Meetings 
  • Video Lecture 3 Mastering the Art of Setting Team Goals
  • Video Lecture 4 Delegating Tasks to Your Co-Founders and Team Members
  • Video Lecture 5 The GROW Model: Coaching for Performance
  • Video Lecture 6 Creating a Strong Team Culture
  • Video Lecture 1 Introduction to An Advanced Time Management Approach
  • Video Lecture 2 Taking Care of Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

Learn Anytime

Advanced Online Education

You will get access to more than 30 tutorial videos guiding you through every step of the process. But this is just the beginning. Each video also includes action steps to help you implement what you learn. The video training is available on any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Ongoing Help

Studying the certificate programme in Entrepreneurial Leadership will give you access to an exclusive and supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs to keep you updated with the latest trends and strategies. You will never be alone on your entrepreneurial leadership journey.

By 2027, 86.5 million people will be freelancing in the United States and will make up 50.9 percent of the total US workforce. Most people will need to become entrepreneurs out of sheer necessity. And most will want to develop advanced business skills when being self-employed. The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership will equip you with the mindset and skills to face a hyper-competitive world.

See What is Included

  • Online Marketing Bootcamp: Pre-Training (£197 Value)
  • 6 Modules of Recorded Keynote Videos (£2997 Value)
  • Resources, Systems, and Tools to Become an Effective Entrepreneurial Leader (£1997 Value)
  • Weekly Accountability and Live-Training (£497 Value)
  • Access To Private Facebook Community (£297 Value)
  • 2 Coaching Hours for Individual Support (£497 Value)
  • Official Certification (£97 Value)

Total Value is £7579

Total value is £7579 but I am not going to charge this amount. To find out more of the online course, you need to apply and schedule a call with me. If there is a fit and if it sounds good to you, then you will get access to the online course or can decide to work with me 1-on-1. You will also get a 24 hours-long free trial to see whether it is worth to you.

I find it very important that my students are happy and get to the promised results.

 Take charge of your personal and professional development as you navigate the challenges of transitioning from an solo-entrepreneur to an entrepreneurial leader.

Through this online programme will also connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and high achievers who are committed to succeed in business and life.

You will be part of a truly exclusive and supportive community.

And I know how valuable this is because it sucks being a lone entrepreneur or in free groups where the majority is either not committed or totally incapable.

This online programme is only for the ones who are devoted and want to become the best in their field and aim to create a difference.

There will be only founders who are transitioning towards becoming first-time leaders and founders who already are leaders.

The purpose of the online programme is to teach you relevant modules that will make a real difference in your personal and professional development.

It will provide you and every other student with the same knowledge, which will form the basis for further discussion.

Through the programme and accompanied exercises, you will become more mindful of how your co-founders and team members experience you and you will become less averse to having difficult conversations.

You should expect to spend approximately six weeks on coursework, which can be completed on your own time.

The Content is Derived from 10 Years of Experience

  • My own corporate and entrepreneurial leadership experiences with a total leadership responsibility of over 39 team members
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree in International Management
  • My dissertation with state-of-the-art research on Entrepreneurial Leadership, which contains research data of over two dozen founders, including Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs, with a total leadership responsibility of over 300 team members
  • A countless number of business articles, books, online programmes, and workshops

What You Need to Know

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership is not for everyone.

The requirement for this online programme is that you possess a highly valuable skill.

 If you have sold your products or services before, then this online course will give you all the knowledge to become even more successful.

You are expected to put in the necessary work to go through the training and exercises.

You are also expected to contribute to the community.

This online programme teaches real business skills and not teach a get-rich-quick scheme.

If this sounds good to you, then pre-register for the free trial now.

The gained insights will pay dividends for the rest of your live.

Your Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you implement everything I show you and do not experience a positive change in your business and life, then I will refund the full price. I do this because I deeply care about student satisfaction.

I have paid almost £100,000 for my education and totally understand the expectation of a student.

Many online course providers do not offer a guarantee but I do.

Implement everything I show you and if you do not experience a positive change in your business, you will get back every single penny.

It is an absolute no-brainer to take the certificate programme in Entrepreneurial Leadership, unless…

  • You do not want a step-by-step training on becoming an effective entrepreneurial leader
  • You will not put in at least 3 to 4 hours per module
  • You do not want the resources and tools to grow and lead your startup to the next level
  • You do not want to be part of an entrepreneurial community for extra support
  • You do not want personal coaching

To be crystal clear, if you are not committed and have not decided that you can and will succeed, then this offer is not for you.

I only want to work with entrepreneurs who are devoted and want to become the best in their field.

If you are determined to reach the next level in business and life, then take action and pre-register for a free trial right now.

Here is a summary of The online Course

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Grow your startup through advanced marketing
  • Build and lead your team
  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Build a profitable business
  • Succeed in business and life

Received Endorsements

Claudio is one of a kind. He is a truly genuine, highly ambitious person and I have had the pleasure of working with him at, inter alia, Awaken&More. His enthusiasm and drive for social impact inspired me continuously. He is always looking for new opportunities and once he sets his mind to something, he makes sure to achieve his goals. Meanwhile, he continues to enthuse others with inspiring leadership, always paying lots of attention to the people he works with.
Joep van Gelder
Startup & Scale-up Consultant at KplusV | Co-founder at DutchSE | Advisory Board Member | Mentor
Claudio possesses advanced problem solving skills, a relentless drive to move projects forward, and does not hesitate to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible results. His passion for leadership and management is very inspiring and his overall business expertise is noticeable in every detail of his work. Claudio is not only very knowledgeable and skilled, but also a thought leader, an innovator, and on top of that a very pleasant person who is able to win people's trust almost instantly through his very approachable and open personality.
Management Consultant at EY


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