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The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership is designed to help aspiring and new entrepreneurial leaders to unleash the potential in themselves, their co-founders, and teams members. It is a unique and intense online course and only for individuals who are devoted and want to become the best in their field. You will learn advanced entrepreneurial marketing methods, including Facebook and Instagram

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10 LinkedIn Advices for Founders

As a founder you want to market your products and services. And you should also use LinkedIn for this. Especially, if your products and services have a B2B rather than a B2C focus. I saw that some founders do it completely wrong on LinkedIn and thought to write this little guide to provide value for anyone who is looking for

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What Is Learn Business® and Why Did I Start It?

Learn Business® is an EdTech startup. We are devoted to developing business leaders who make a difference by providing curated and practical online courses. Each online course at Learn Business® will have its own exclusive Facebook Group. This way, students can connect with and learn from each other. The vision is to become the Ivy League in the EdTech world,

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Become an Entrepreneurial Leader and Grow Your Organisation

If you are a solo founder and want to become an entrepreneurial leader and grow your organisation, then you are setting yourself up for the most challenging task of your life. Once you achieved a fit between your product or service and your market, you are ready to grow your organisation. To become ready to lead others, you need to

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How to Create: A Winning Pitch

I am currently volunteering as a project leader for Step Forward at Enactus, which aims to prevent children in Ethiopia to develop podoconiosis, also called Mossy Foot. An effective solution to prevent podoconiosis is to wear shoes. My team members and I worked for several months to establish key partnerships and to develop a shoe prototype that is affordable and

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20 Megatrends and Their Implications for the 21st Century

  What are the megatrends of the 21st century and what implications will they have once they are fully present in our society? It should be a priority to educate oneself about megatrends to make assumptions about the future and take the best decisions today to benefit tomorrow. Based on my observations of new technologies and trends I spotted 20

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One-Minute Reading: Dealing with Emotionally Charged Conversations

I work again at Mercedes-Benz, this time in brand cooperation. The work is very exciting and extremely relevant for creating a strong brand image for Mercedes-Benz, which currently holds the ninth place in the Best Global Brands 2017 Ranking run by Interbrand. Due to my new position I wanted to learn more about the Mercedes-Benz brand and stumbled across an

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Preparing for Digital Transformation: Resources, Skills, and Tools

What is more exciting than developing a profitable business model, crafting a winning strategy, and developing the first prototype of the website of a new business? Digital transformation brings many advantages, such as increased speed of payments, better overview over customer conversations, or more transparent information management. Digital transformation has the potential to disrupt traditional companies that hold themselves back

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Treat Your Existing Clients with Priority

At Awaken&More we recently had an invaluable learning opportunity regarding reputation management. We are a consultancy, with currently eleven members, that works with non-profit and social enterprises and had an opportunity to work with the Netherlands Red Cross. However, two projects have fallen behind schedule and we had to decide whether we could work on a third project with the

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Use Fantasy Marketing to Create Positive Impact for Your Brand

5 steps to create content that makes your customers fantasize about your brand and buy from it Consumers want everything and more. As entrepreneurs and marketeers we create experiences that fit to the buyer persona and hope that sales will eventually bulk up and never stop rising. What if creating experiences is something consumers do not value anymore? Following highly known people

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