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10 LinkedIn Advices for Founders

As a founder you want to market your products and services. And you should also use LinkedIn for this. Especially, if your products and services have a B2B rather than a B2C focus. I saw that some founders do it completely wrong on LinkedIn and thought to write this little guide to provide value for anyone who is looking for

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Three Text Sources for Learning How to Lead Your Co-Founders and Team Members

There are three different text sources from which you can learn how to lead your co-founders and team members. 1. Popular business articles and books Most people buy popular business books that are Amazon, New York Times, or Wall Street Journal bestsellers. For example, John C. Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is a popular business books. They are based

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On Being a Frugal Entrepreneurial Leader

Welcome to my office alias my room at my parent’s house in Germany. Where I am currently building the EdTech startup Learn Business® and the first online programme, the Entrepreneurial Leadership Accelerator. All with my refurbished MacBook from 2010. I could move back to London and buy the newest MacBook but frugality is highly important when building a startup. Frugality

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Entrepreneurial Leaders are Readers

Entrepreneurial leaders are readers. The most important reason to read books is to multiply your experiences. Without reading, your expertise will be limited to your direct experiences.  Think of growing and leading startups. It takes years to master these skills. And we can only experience a limited amount of situations. But there is a solution. By reading we can learn

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What Is Learn Business® and Why Did I Start It?

Learn Business® is an EdTech startup. We are devoted to developing business leaders who make a difference by providing curated and practical online courses. Each online course at Learn Business® will have its own exclusive Facebook Group. This way, students can connect with and learn from each other. The vision is to become the Ivy League in the EdTech world,

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My Learnings After Nine Failures

I failed. And I probably failed more often than you. I successfully led organisations with a total of 39 team members. But I founded Rexxads Consulting in 2012, 48! in 2014, NeoShip in 2015, Thomas Strick in 2015, adster in 2016, Moltocasa in 2017, FitPass in 2017, Spectra in 2017, and Referia in 2018. They all failed. And these are

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Education for Becoming a Well-Rounded Business Person

Read this article if you want to become a well-rounded business person. The world is changing rapidly and information becomes obsolete the moment it is published. What was required a decade ago to become a well-rounded business person, might be different from today. When I started to study, I had no idea about university programmes and rankings. My only wish

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How to Create Change Through Leadership

Introduction Everyone possesses the power to create change in the world but not many believe to possess this power. You may think that there are things in life that one cannot change. I agree. However, most things and rules are created by humans and what humans created in the past can certainly be changed again. Without this belief, you cannot

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Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Do you want to get rid of your self limiting beliefs? This summary of the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz presents four powerful insights on how you can stop your self limiting beliefs. If you want to become an entrepreneurial leader, then you definitely want to read this article to the end. 1. Be impeccable with your

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Become an Entrepreneurial Leader and Grow Your Organisation

If you are a solo founder and want to become an entrepreneurial leader and grow your organisation, then you are setting yourself up for the most challenging task of your life. Once you achieved a fit between your product or service and your market, you are ready to grow your organisation. To become ready to lead others, you need to

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