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20 Megatrends and Their Implications for the 21st Century

  What are the megatrends of the 21st century and what implications will they have once they are fully present in our society? It should be a priority to educate oneself about megatrends to make assumptions about the future and take the best decisions today to benefit tomorrow. Based on my observations of new technologies and trends I spotted 20

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Are Russia and China rising to superpowers?

The recent geopolitical issues in the East China Sea and Ukraine between America on the one side and China and Russia on the other side prompt the following question: Are China and Russia rising to superpowers? China’s current defense budget tends to rise by more than 10% each year. It has invested in an arsenal of precision short to medium

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China’s international politics influences the East Asian economy and brings America in a troubling situation

It currently seems that China’s international politics influences the East Asian economy. This blog post focuses on how the following three points will establish China as the dominant authority in East Asia and bring America in trouble: 1. By creating the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) 2. By extending its territory in the South China Sea 3. By eventually creating an Air

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