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On Being a Frugal Entrepreneurial Leader

Welcome to my office alias my room at my parent’s house in Germany. Where I am currently building the EdTech startup Learn Business® and the first online programme, the Entrepreneurial Leadership Accelerator. All with my refurbished MacBook from 2010. I could move back to London and buy the newest MacBook but frugality is highly important when building a startup. Frugality

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What Is Learn Business® and Why Did I Start It?

Learn Business® is an EdTech startup. We are devoted to developing business leaders who make a difference by providing curated and practical online courses. Each online course at Learn Business® will have its own exclusive Facebook Group. This way, students can connect with and learn from each other. The vision is to become the Ivy League in the EdTech world,

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Become an Entrepreneurial Leader and Grow Your Organisation

If you are a solo founder and want to become an entrepreneurial leader and grow your organisation, then you are setting yourself up for the most challenging task of your life. Once you achieved a fit between your product or service and your market, you are ready to grow your organisation. To become ready to lead others, you need to

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My Experience at the 49th St. Gallen Symposium

Introduction The St. Gallen Symposium, organized by the University of St. Gallen, received submissions from almost 800 contestants, representing 350 universities, and more than 100 nationalities. All contributions were evaluated equally according to a specific set of criteria by an independent jury composed of professors, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs. The authors of the best 100 contributions qualified as Leaders of

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How to Create: A Winning Pitch

I am currently volunteering as a project leader for Step Forward at Enactus, which aims to prevent children in Ethiopia to develop podoconiosis, also called Mossy Foot. An effective solution to prevent podoconiosis is to wear shoes. My team members and I worked for several months to establish key partnerships and to develop a shoe prototype that is affordable and

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Preparing for Digital Transformation: Resources, Skills, and Tools

What is more exciting than developing a profitable business model, crafting a winning strategy, and developing the first prototype of the website of a new business? Digital transformation brings many advantages, such as increased speed of payments, better overview over customer conversations, or more transparent information management. Digital transformation has the potential to disrupt traditional companies that hold themselves back

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Must-Read Books: Business & Money

Your bookshelf says a lot about you. Peter Knox, contributor at The Guardian, argues that sharing your shelf is sharing yourself (Knox, 2012). Reading forms our opinions and values, therefore it is important to make a conscious decision when selecting what to read. What are the must-reads books on business and money, on literature and fiction, on philosophy, on psychology,

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Regulators became more important than their cause

Raghuram Rajan, governor of the reserve bank of India argued how the financial crises came to happen. Among other things, he explained the financial crisis through analyzing the macro environment including the impact regulations had. There are many regulations that hinder companies to prosper and sometimes complete systems need to be adapted to allow the business to continue functioning (Don’t Let Regulation, 2015).

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