Become an Entrepreneurial Leader and Grow Your Organisation

If you are a solo founder and want to become an entrepreneurial leader and grow your organisation, then you are setting yourself up for the most challenging task of your life.

Once you achieved a fit between your product or service and your market, you are ready to grow your organisation.

To become ready to lead others, you need to develop:

  • a confident and healthy mindset
  • a capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, which is also known as psychological resilience

I have led a total of 39 individuals in the past and am the first one to tell you that leading people requires physical and mental strength and generally a strong willpower to constantly learn and improve yourself.

It is tough.

It will be the most challenging but probably also the most rewarding experience of your career.

However, you need to follow a daily structure to develop your mindset and resilience.

Once you developed these two areas, you really need training in entrepreneurial leadership.

According to the Chartered Management Institute only 1 out of 5 managers possesses a management qualification and the average age in which managers receive leadership training is 42.

It is logical that research has identified that 44 percent of the entrepreneurial organisations founded in the United Kingdom in 2011 did not survive by 2014 and that leadership incompetence was the primary cause of 56 percent of the cases.

To increase your chance to be successful in growing your organisation, you need to learn:

  • the definition of entrepreneurial leadership
  • the predominant behaviours entrepreneurial leaders engage in
  • the tools, structures, and programmes one needs to have in place to be able to lead teams effectively

Once you have mastered these three points, you have to find ways to finally grow your organisation.

For this, you will need to learn:

  • the most impacting roles you need to hire in the beginning to grow your organisation
  • the methods and places to find candidates who would potentially join your mission
  • the process to screen out candidates and find your perfect employees
  • the onboarding process to ensure the success of your growth strategy

By knowing all this, you increase your chances dramatically to become an entrepreneurial leader and grow your organisation.

Why am I qualified to tell you about all this.

  • I have led a total of 39 individuals over two and a half years at just 28 years
  • I have read over 100 of the best business and leadership books (and I still had time to party, ask my fellow students)
  • I studied countless academic and nonacademic articles related to leadership and entrepreneurship
  • I took over two dozens of the best online and offline courses directly or indirectly related to leadership
  • I studied a bachelor’s and master’s degree in international management, which is teaching leadership and strategies to grow an organisation
  • I am writing my master’s dissertation on entrepreneurial leadership for which I am interviewing dozens of entrepreneurial leaders
  • I extensively covered business and the field of leadership on my personal blog and have accumulated over 10,000 blog views

Does this make me to an expert?

Yes and no.

No, because there are academic researchers who know tremendously more than I do.

However, there are also solo founders who want to become entrepreneurial leaders and grow their organisations and would certainly benefit from my guidance.

Due to my relatively young age, I believe that especially young and ambitious solo founders can benefit from and relate to my experience.

I have never encountered anyone in my life who offers the same determination, experience, and almost obsessive interest and expertise in entrepreneurial leadership as I do.

Some friends say that I embody entrepreneurial leadership.

This goes perhaps too far but you get the point.

I am thrilled to help solo founders become entrepreneurial leaders and help them to develop a confident and healthy mindset, a supportive structure, teach them the best entrepreneurial leadership training, tools, and the knowledge and processes to grow an organisation.

If you want to become an entrepreneurial leader, then join the free LinkedIn group On Becoming an Entrepreneurial Leader.

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