Everything happens for a reason and nothing is an accident. Now is the time to realise your full potential and look beyond disappointment and focus on reaching the next level in your personal and professional development.

My name is Claudio Marseglia.

I was born and raised with my brother in a normal middle-class family of Italian origin in Germany, near Stuttgart.

During high school, I was rather shy and had almost no drive, I completed it by just doing the bare minimum.

Almost ten years passed now and I cannot recognise my old self anymore.

An Important Life Encounter

After high school, I travelled for 18 months through Australia and New Zealand and one encounter with an established entrepreneur in Auckland in 2011 completely changed my life upside-down.

I started working in his digital marketing agency and so, I was introduced to the business world.

I was fascinated by how this impacted my life.

Instead of going to parties, I started reading business books.

By now, I have read a countless number of the best-rated business books, but I am jumping ahead.

I worked hard and soon was able to move from a hostel to Auckland’s premier apartment building The Statesman Apartments at 1 Parliament Street.

I was living a good life but felt a thirst for more knowledge.

So, I decided to fly back home to Germany and search for a bachelor’s programme in International Business and Management.

I found inspiration and decided to fully pursue it.

Mastering Business

After my international travel experience, I wanted to study abroad and so I enrolled into a programme in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Due to my previous experience in the digital marketing agency, I felt that I could do more than just studying and so, I worked hard and became the Founder and CEO of ThinkTwice.

We sold rubber preservatives to students and sponsored safer sex workshops in South Africa.

I am proud that we created a return of investment while supporting a good cause.

I also made a lot of leadership mistakes but I learned a tremendous lot from this tough year-long experience.

Afterwards, I started a corporate job at Mercedes-Benz in Germany, while I still attended my bachelor’s programme.

It was a great experience to work with ambitious professionals and learn valuable practical skills.


When I went back to Amsterdam, I decided to start a new organisation and became the Founder and President of Awaken&More.

We were a consultancy specialised in business services for social enterprises that lacked business expertise.

I truly appreciated what I learned in my corporate job because it helped my understanding of how important organisational processes are to achieve results.

It was very tough but also rewarding to lead and grow a new organisation in the heart of Amsterdam and we even partnered up with EY Amsterdam.

It might sound easy but it cost a lot of energy and time to make things right.

Including my current EdTech startup Learn Business®, I have started 13 businesses of which only three generated an income.

The Start of Corporate Life

I did not feel ready to be a full-time entrepreneur and handed over my presidency at Awaken&More to a board member to start a corporate life to gain specialised knowledge.

Over the next two years, I worked in project management roles at Siemens Healthineers, again at Mercedes-Benz, and then at Porsche.

These experiences gave me the important understanding of how processes and systems ensure effectivity and efficiency.

All frameworks, models, and processes taught in my Certificate of Entrepreneurial Leadership are heavily influenced by the processual thinking that I developed at my corporate jobs.

Master your thoughts and you will master the world.

Besides working, I also volunteered at JOBLINGE as a refugee mentor and helped a refugee over a period of six months to find new employment.

I was amazed about how different a mindset can be but also excited to see how much impact I was able to have on another person, in terms of forming a new mindset and instilling motivation to take considered action.

Knowing that I can create a massive difference in other people’s lives gave me the confidence to create the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Back to University

While working in the corporate world, I always had the desire to study again to further deepen my business, management, and leadership knowledge.

I wanted to completely master it.

If there is one thing that defines me, then it is that I commit 100 percent to whatever I want to achieve.

When I received the admission letter from King’s College London for their very competitive master’s programme in International Management, I was very excited to start again a new chapter in my life.

I made this decision because I highly value learning and realised that the more one learns, the more successful one becomes in business and life.

There is a clear correlation between learning and success.

Due to the fact that I constantly stretched my personal limits over the past years, I wanted to challenge myself again and push my limit even further.

So, during my already extremely intense one-year master’s programme, I followed the Associateship of King’s College (AKC) degree and took Mandarin classes at King’s Modern Language Centre.

I also worked as a project leader and mentor and led over a dozen team members over the course of a year.

It was a great learning experience to be surrounded by extremely ambitious individuals, which extensively enriched my leadership capabilities.

It was also the time when I had to develop advanced time management skills and create a weekly time structure to cope with the many simultaneous and sometimes conflicting demands.

The year was incredibly tough.

I had to sacrifice a lot but at the end, it was very rewarding because I realised that limits are often self-imposed.

Everyone can become a high achiever, provided there is a strong desire to learn and apply new skills.

Coming to a Realisation

During my master’s programme, I was also selected as the Leader of Tomorrow at the 49th St. Gallen Symposium and spoke to over 200 people, including the CEO of Accenture Switzerland.

Then, I was invited to the House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster and won together with my fantastic team a pitch competition worth £6,000 in which 220 teams participated.

How is it possible that a once shy high school student with no drive was able to achieve all this and lead a total of 39 individuals at just 28 years of age?

It got me thinking.

If I can change from being shy and without drive to an ambitious entrepreneurial leader, then every committed person can do it.

Creating Entrepreneurial Leadership

In my master’s dissertation at King’s College London, I created a novel academic contribution by conceptualising Entrepreneurial Leadership.

It took me over 600 hours.

I read a countless number of academic articles in the field of entrepreneurship and leadership and interviewed dozens of established entrepreneurial leaders, including those on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, with a total leadership responsibility of over 300 team members.

The research goal was to understand the paradoxical behaviours they engage in, their challenges, and their solutions to overcome the challenges.

I felt like a crazy scientist when I transcribed the interviews and analysed the 332 pages of research data.


When I finally wrote up my dissertation, I created an inductive model that conceptualises entrepreneurial leadership through paradoxical behaviours.

Basically, I created Entrepreneurial Leadership.

This all means that I not only accumulated important practical experience throughout the last decade but also possess an extensive theoretical understanding of Entrepreneurial Leadership.

I use this unique combination to transform aspiring, new, and established entrepreneurial leaders into effective business leaders.

I do this by teaching a system that makes other leadership and management programmes aimed at entrepreneurs redundant.

What is important to understand is that leadership capabilities are not related to age.

I repeat, leadership capabilities are not related to age.

It is about whether you want to take the responsibility and whether you are willing to learn and apply the required skills.

I teach advanced behaviours and best practises on entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial human resource management, entrepreneurial leadership, advanced time management, and provide powerful tools and systems to aspiring, new, and established entrepreneurial leaders.

I show exactly how these elements interact with each other through a systems thinking approach.

All my teaching materials aim to create role models that have a positive impact in our world.

It is my belief that through Entrepreneurial Leadership humanity can solve society’s biggest problems.

Building Learn Business®

Learn Business® is an EdTech startup.

We are devoted to developing business leaders who make a difference by providing curated and practical online courses.

Each online course at Learn Business® has its own exclusive Facebook Group, so that students can connect with and learn from each other.

The vision is to become the Ivy League in the EdTech world, focusing solely on business-related fields.

Simply by being 100 percent student-focused and always making decisions that are best for the students.

It is not VC backed and I do not plan to seek external funding.

Learn Business® is a space where people go to for becoming the best version of themselves and connecting with like-minded high-achievers.

Our online courses aim to be the best business courses in the online world.

We will not focus on theory, we will not offer 15-minutes long lessons, and we are not giving inexperienced people the chance to become course instructors.

Learn Business® curates course instructors based on key selection criteria and we just select one course instructor per field. 

Our online courses aim to be transformative and offer the complete package that is required to become fully actionable and functional business leaders.

Most online course creators sell you one piece of the big puzzle and then leave you alone into the dark.

This will not happen at Learn Business®.

All students get access to the full package and get connected to like-minded people who are on a similar path.

This means that our online courses are more intensive than others.

We plan to offer online courses in Advertising, Consulting, Corporate Management, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Startup Funding, and other business-related fields.

There is a real need for this.

According to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), 44 percent of businesses founded in the United Kingdom in 2011 did not survive by 2014.

Leadership incompetence was the primary cause of 56 percent of the cases.

CMI also mentions that just one in five managers has a management qualification.

At the same time, it is projected that in 2027, 86.5 million people will be freelancing in the United States and will make up 50.9 percent of the total US workforce.

Most will need to develop advanced business skills to compete in this hyper-competitive world.

Learn Business® tackles this challenges by providing curated and highly practical online courses in business-related fields.

I am not only the founder and CEO of this EdTech startup but also one of the course instructors.

I am currently developing the first online course, the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

My goal is to become known as the person who creates the most valuable course on Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Once built, I will start recruiting course instructors in other business-related fields.

If you possess relevant expertise and want to create positive impact and transformation in other people’s lives, then feel free to get in touch with us.

Course instructors can touch fields such as Advertising, Consulting, Corporate Management, Project Management, Startup Funding, and other business-related fields.

We also welcome applications from experts in Philosophy, Political Economy, Psychology, Sociology, and other fields, as long as the online courses contribute to the mission of developing business leaders who make a difference.

Thanks for reading until this point.

Take care and stay productive,

Claudio Marseglia

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