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3 Insights the Movie It’s a Wonderful Life Taught Me About Leadership


I recently watched the movie It’s a Wonderful Life and it has deeply impacted my understanding of leadership. It reminds one how important it is to appreciate other people in life. Read the next paragraphs to gain an understanding of what you could learn from watching this movie.

Changing perspective

This movie does an excellent job in showing just how important your mindset it. The business man and protagonist Georgie Bailey became immensely desperate when his uncle accidentally lost a large amount of money from their family business. Because of this and the consequences of not being able to retrieve the money, he wanted to commit suicide. He went to a bridge and was about to jump when in that moment an angel showed up to save him. Instead of being thankful, George wished to have never been born. After some consideration, the angel thought that this wish could teach George a powerful lesson and therefore, he granted him his wish.

Next, he had no identity anymore and everyone he met in town did not recognize him. He also realized how many lives he positively affected throughout his journey. Without his impactful actions some people lost their jobs and others even died. Most shockingly, his wife would belong to someone else and he would not have his beloved children around him. Eventually, he realized that his financial situation is bearable, considering that he would still be surrounded by a hearty family and a caring community. A deep change of perspective can transform how one sees the world around one.

“No man is a failure who has friends.” – Mark Twain

Serving others

Leadership can be used to achieve personal goals, however, the true effect of leadership is only experienced when leading to serve others.

In the movie, George’s wife tried to organize the community to donate as much money as needed to overcome the challenging financial situation. When the community heard about George’s circumstances, they immediately rushed to help him as he always served them in the past. When I watched the movie, I felt real joy when the community came together to give all their savings to help George.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

Cultivating values

The movie teaches values that are still, or perhaps even more, important in this contemporary and fast paced world. Cultivating values such as caring, community, and loyalty not only aim to serve others but also increase one’s own quality of life by fostering deep interpersonal connections that promote mental and physical wellbeing. This movie inspires one to be more kind to others and more positive about life.

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