How to Reread Books in 30 Minutes or Less

This article explains a simple method that helps to reread books in 30 minutes or less. Whenever one wishes to reread a book to refresh one’s knowledge, one can apply this method and save enormous amount of time and focus on other important tasks instead.

1. Order the book

First of all, one has to order the physical book. Before one can reread a book in 30 minutes or less, one has to read the book for the first time. It helps to schedule reading time and reduce distractions during this period. Personally, I like to go to libraries as everyone else is studying there as well, which makes me feel that I am not the only person who prefers reading over binge watching countless series on Netflix (no objection against Mad Men and Suits).

2. Underscore sentences and passages

When reading, one has to use a pencil and underscore the most important sentences or passages. The more one reads, the better the understanding will become about which parts are important and which not. I like to underscore parts that are insightful and teach something new. I often use my intuition for this process. If I can do it, then everyone else can do it.

3. Use page markers

Whenever I underscore more than one sentence on any given page, I am using page markers (also called sticky notes). One can find them in every stationery department and are worth every cent. Personally, I like the ones from Post-it, but every other brand serves the same purpose.

4. Start rereading

Now that all pages are marked with sticky notes and important parts are underscored, one can start rereading the book. One just has to go through the page markers and reread the underscored sentences and passages and skip the less important rest. It depends on the amount of underscored pages and on the book length, however, I made the experience that it does not take longer than 30 minutes to reread a 300-page long book.


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