One-Minute Reading: Dealing with Emotionally Charged Conversations

I work again at Mercedes-Benz, this time in brand cooperation. The work is very exciting and extremely relevant for creating a strong brand image for Mercedes-Benz, which currently holds the ninth place in the Best Global Brands 2017 Ranking run by Interbrand.

Due to my new position I wanted to learn more about the Mercedes-Benz brand and stumbled across an internal training to become a Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador. During the workshop we learned a lot about the brand values but the most important part of the training was to create a communication model for dealing with emotionally charged conversations. After exchanging ideas we developed an eight-phase communication model.

Emotional level

1. Greeting and meeting. Your first impression should be friendly.
2. Listening and gaining understanding. It is about taking all perspectives into account.
3. Recognizing emotions, needs, and wants. Soften your voice and talk slowly.
4. Formulating the problem. Try to analyze what the real problem is.

Factual level

5. Providing arguments and solutions. If necessary postpone the discussion when necessary facts are available.
6. Answering further questions. Find the root cause of the problem.
7. Measure communication success. Go back to the second phase if necessary.
8. Saying goodbye. End the conversation with a positive tone.

Click here to download The Eight-Phase Communication Model for Dealing with Emotionally Charged Conversations. Furthermore, click here to find useful relationship-building statements.


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